Vision School



Vision School is a program where you will be awakened to the reality of God’s purpose and heart for His people and all nations. The weekly lectures will impart the Father’s heart for the unreached people group and open students’ eyes to what God is and has been doing all over the world to advance His Kingdom

Who is it for?

For all believers of Jesus Christ who are interested in learning about or committed to serving the unreached people groups.

What will be taught?

God’s Vision
Current state of world mission
Unreached people groups
History of mission movements
Understanding Islam
Mission and culture
Spiritual warfare & Intercessory prayer
Strategic short-term mission
Student volunteer movement
Window lectures
Mission Spirit

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Kids’ Vision School

Elementary school children come to Vision School to encounter God and learn about his vision. They learn to become worshipers and strong warriors like Daniel and Joshua. Kids’ Vision School is held twice a year, in the spring and fall, for eight weeks.

North America:

Youth Vision School

Youth Vision School trains students with a desire to learn about missions and equips them to become global mission leaders. Vision School enables young people to understand and modern-day missions and provides practical ways for them to participate in missions. Youth Vision School is held twice a year, in the spring and fall, for six weeks.

North America:

Campus & Young Adult Vision School

Campus & Young Adult Vision School trains college students and young adults to become history makers by challenging paradigms about missions and Christian living. They will also be challenged to actively participate in the Great Commission through short-term and long-term missions opportunities to the 10/40 Window.

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Women’s Vision School

Women’s Vision School trains women with a heart for unreached people groups to become powerful ministers to serve local churches and the mission field. Women have a unique and important role to minister to hurting women in the unreached nations. InterCP also offers Women’s Vision Schools specialized for working professionals and pastor’s wives. Women’s Vision School is open to all women 20 and older and is held twice, in the spring and fall, for 12 weeks.

Adult Vision School

Adult Vision School is for those over the age of 40, and its purpose is to train participants who want to use their profession to minister to unreached people groups. Adult Vision School is held twice a year, in the spring and fall, for 12 weeks.

Vision Camp

Vision Camps are a part of the Vision School curriculum. At Vision Camp, attendees will experience the Holy Spirit, learn about God’s management of the world, experience and adopt God’s heart for lost souls, and discover a new vision for evangelizing unreached people. There are three Vision Camps per Vision School term. Vision Camp activities include worship, testimonies from missionaries, and small group gatherings.


*Note: The Vision School curriculum in your area may vary. Please contact one of the email addresses above to inquire.