BTJ School

BTJ School is designed to offer higher level of training for Vision School graduates where Vision School curriculum is covered more in depth and helps develop one’s gifting to equip them for effective ministry.

Who is it for?

  • Vision School graduates
  • Overseas short-term/long-term missionary candidates, Domestic mission mobilizers, Mission ministry staff of local churches, Intercessors, Worship ministers, and those who are seriously considering mission work for a longer term.

What will be taught?

Below are the general topics covered in a standard curriculum. It may vary depending on what is available in your region.

Evangelism & Discipleship
Church planting
Personal bible study
Complete bible overview
Holy Spirit seminars
Training on relationship and healing
Communication & team ministry
‘Mission Impact Team’
Specialized training according to gifting (intercession/worship/mission mobilizing/media & mission/mission & business/generational ministry)
Ministry ethics
World mission history
Understanding international affairs & Area studies
Theory & the reality of tent-making mission
Team ministry & Leadership

Contact Information



*Note: BTJ School may or may not be available in your area. Please contact one of the email addresses above to inquire.