The Student Volunteer Movement

The Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) is a mission movement in which college students commit one year of their lives to become missionaries to an unreached nation. These student missionaries (SMs) preach the Gospel, make disciples and plant churches in their nation’s campuses.

SMs are dispatched in teams of 2 or more. As they live and do ministry together, the SMs learn what it means to be the body of Christ by loving and serving one another and the people of their nation.

Once on the field, SMs devote themselves to preaching the Gospel boldly, worshiping and interceding for their nation. Through this, they will make disciples, plant churches on campus, and serve growing churches.

Throughout the year, in addition to campus church planting, SMs also visit surrounding areas to share the Gospel, heal the sick, and strategically pray and worship to break down strongholds according to the ministry model taught by Jesus in Luke 10.

SMs commit themselves to a missionary lifestyle. This includes minimal living, constant worship, and a life of prayer and fasting. SMs learn the local language and immerse themselves in the local culture to most effectively share the Gospel and to throw away the patterns of American life (1 Cor. 9).

The vision of the Student Volunteer Movement is a continuous raising up of leaders for this generation in every church, campus, home and nation. Continued mobilization is needed for this movement to continue. Once SMs return from the field, they will continue to live a missionary lifestyle at home while serving their churches and their campuses. They will challenge other believers, raise awareness for the unreached and mobilize other students as missionaries and intercessors that will commit to preaching the Gospel to all nations.

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*If you’ve completed the Vision School course and want to apply to be a 1-year SM or 2-year missionary, please request an application.