Missionary Sending Procedure

InterCP assists missionaries according to the requests of their commissioning church. InterCP partners with local churches to provide missions education, mentoring, fundraising support, re-education support, sabbatical support, missionary children’s education, field project support, and support in establishing relationships with local governments. InterCP also oversees all field ministry and provides all necessary support for field work.

The first year of a newly commissioned missionary is considered an internship period during which the missionary is under the leadership of the nation’s missionary team leader. By doing this, the missionary is actively doing ministry and being trained at the same time.

Vision School

Vision School is a missions training and education program that is done in partnership with local churches. Participants must have their pastor’s recommendation in order to register. Vision School is for all Christians who are interested in world missions. Vision School is a 12-week program that meets once weekly. Three Vision Camps (two-day, one-night retreats) are part of the curriculum.

BTJ School

BTJ School is available to Vision School graduates who want to receive further missions training and have a desire to be sent out as overseas missionaries. Applicants must receive a recommendation from their pastor. BTJ School is a 14-week program that meets twice weekly. Four camps (retreats) are part of the curriculum.

Mission Leadership School (MLS)

MLS is for people who are preparing to be sent out as overseas missionaries. Applicants must receive a letter of recommendation from their local church or pastor. MLS is an intensive 15-week program during which students participate in communal living.

Application Submission

Missionary applicant obtains a letter of recommendation from a pastor at his local church and submits all required forms and documents to the dispatch management team at InterCP headquarters.

Application Screening by Dispatch Committee

Missionary applicant must undergo three levels of processing and interviews before a dispatch decision is made. Additional training will be provided if necessary.

Notification of Final Decision

Missionary Applicant is notified of the InterCP dispatch committee’s final decision

Submission of Documents to Local Church

Submission of application documents to the missionary’s commissioning church

Dispatch and Commissioning Service by the Local Church

A dispatch and commissioning service is held for the missionary applicant by the applicant’s local church

Orientation and Final Review

After a final review, the missionary’s dispatch date is determined

InterCP Commissioning Service

After the local church’s commissioning service, an InterCP commissioning service is held at headquarters. InterCP will continue to be in partnership and cooperate with the in-field missionary and the commissioning church.

*Note: The sending procedure may vary according to what kind of training is available in your region.