Field Operation

Field Operation 2
Winter 2017 FO Applications are now open! Please email to request an application.

Field Operation (FO) is the name of our biannual short-term mission trip program. FO is designed around the biblical model for evangelism and discipleship found in Luke 10. On FO, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the eternal word of God, we love people and boldly preach the Gospel just like Jesus commanded his disciples.

We want everyone to experience the power of the Gospel and to participate in the revival that God has planned for every unreached nation and this world.

Purpose of F.O.
1. Prophetic: To sow seeds of the Gospel and to proclaim worship over the land.
2. Apostolic: To engage in spiritual warfare against Islam and spiritual darkness.
3. Evangelistic: To experience the power of the Gospel to transform a life.
4. Calling: To obey God’s mandate for believers to make disciples of all nations.

Goal of F.O.
To experience the power of the Gospel and to prepare the way for the revival that God has planned for the unreached nations and cities, through spiritual battle and all possible biblical means while being led by the Holy Spirit.

Need for F.O.
1. From a local church’s perspective: Being a witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an unreached nation transforms individuals by awakening them to the power of the Gospel. This awakening is brought back to the local church so that the body of Christ can be challenged to pray, mobilize and support evangelism at home and in the nations.

2. From a missions-strategy perspective: Short-term missionaries can do things that long-term missionaries cannot. Long-term missionaries are often limited in manpower and methods to witness the Gospel. Short-term missionaries are soldiers who can break spiritual ground in new campuses, cities and regions. Short-term mission programs are an important strategic tool in the modern mission movement.

3. From a field missionary’s perspective: Short-term missionaries are a blessing and an encouragement to long-term missionaries. Missionaries gain spiritual strength while leading, worshiping, and serving short-term mission teams. Every short-term missionary also becomes an important intercessor.

4. From a participant’s perspective: On Field Operation, a participant experiences the power of the Gospel to give life and hope. By encountering lost souls that God loves, participants begin to understand and adopt the Father God’s heart for the lost and unreached. Instead of a distant understanding of the Great Commission, participants will gain a practical and detailed understanding and commitment to evangelism.

Requirement to participate in F.O.:
Must have graduated from InterCP’s Vision School
Contact Information
North America:
College students, young adults, and adults: