Core Values

Frontier Spirit

We overcome difficult and sometimes unpredictable situations encountered in the mission field through faith alone. Our missionaries live among local people, learn the native language and culture, preach the Gospel and plant churches regardless of the circumstances.

Field Spirit

We recognize that in order to minister effectively in the frontier nations we need field spirit that comes from field experience and an attitude of committed and whole-hearted ministers. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of spiritual maturity, which comes from a deep and intimate knowledge of the Bible, as well as spiritual leadership, which is acquired through hands-on ministry on a campus or in a workplace.


We emphasize the importance of discipleship the way Jesus strategically discipled twelve and also commissioned them to make disciples of all nations. Therefore, the focus of all of our ministry is soul saving and church planting.  In order to ensure that established local churches on the mission field can stand firm, we focus our efforts on biblical training and discipleship.

Women’s Ministry

We consider the role of women in ministry to be as important and effective as that of men. While there is a need for women-focused ministries domestically, we emphasize the need for women’s ministries overseas. There is a particular need for creative strategies for reaching women in the Islamic World and other frontier areas due to restrictive religious and social cultures.


In order to complete the Great Commission for global evangelization, we believe that all evangelical denominations, mission organizations and local churches must work together. We desire to mobilize the global church that will support and be co-ministers through short-term and long-term mission trips, intercession, and financial support to complete the Great Commission.