All-Generational Ministry

InterCP International serves and intercedes for all generations that they may rise up as God’s harvesters for the Great Commission and prepare the way for the Lord Jesus Christ to return. InterCP International mobilizes by using unique strategies tailored for each generation.

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Children’s Ministry (InterCP Kids)

“From the lips of children and infants God has ordained praise” (Ps. 8:2). God will use the children’s generation to be a blessing to all nations. Elementary school students are trained through programs like Kids’ Vision School, BTJ Playground, Mission Camp, and MIT (short-term mission trips).

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Youth Ministry (InterCP Youth)

InterCP International is raising up the youth worldwide to become the generation that will finish the westward Gospel movement through Youth Vision School, World Mission, Mission Camp, MIT (short-term mission trips), and U-BTJ (church planting in middle and high schools).

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College and Young Adult Ministry and the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM)

InterCP International seeks to raise up college students and young adults who will obey the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by planting churches on campuses domestically and abroad through the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM). The SVM is a movement of college students and young adults who have a love for the nations and a desire to see their generation make history for the Kingdom of God. Student Missionaries (SMs) and Volunteer Missionaries (VMs) commit one to two years as missionaries to plant churches on every campus in the 10/40 Window. Through the SVM, the college and young adult generation will become a holy frontier army that will quickly and powerfully evangelize the remaining unreached nations and lead the westward Gospel movement. The available programs include Vision School, World Mission, Mission Camp, MIT and FO (short-term mission trips), and Campus Ministry.

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Women’s Ministry (InterCP Women)

The love of Jesus Christ will flow to the ends of the earth through faithful women who love the Lord. InterCP International’s Women’s Ministry offers the following programs for women: Women’s Vision School, Women’s Field Operation, World Mission, Women’s Intercessory Prayer, Welfare Ministry, Missionary Kids’ Ministry, and Media Ministry.



Adult Ministry (InterCP Adults)

InterCP International’s adult ministry is catered toward people over the age of 40 who have a desire to minister to unreached people groups. The following programs are offered: Vision School, Field Operation, World Mission, Intercessory Prayer Ministry, and Welfare Ministry.

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