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Another miracle of God: 2016 International Young Adult Conference

Missionary Yeji Choi

The International Young Adult Conference that was held in a city in the Middle East was a proclamation to the world that the day of Jesus’ return is soon. It was a victorious celebration where young adults from various nations and languages came after overcoming much suffering, persecution, hardships, fear, and all obstacles of Satan. Desiring the grace and blessings of God to the point of risking their lives in the midst of war and terror, young adults of the global Church from 26 countries and 43 people groups came and worshiped God in their own language. In that place where there is no reason to worship in secret, voices were raised in freedom to praise the Lord and tears were shed in thankfulness. Like the scene in Revelation chapter 7, young adults from all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues were worshiping and dancing with joy at this heavenly festival. This is God’s doing and only God could have done it.

It is a miracle how young adults who are fighting the good fight of faith at the frontiers could gather in one place. Because of their nationality, some were suspected of being a member of ISIS. Others had no finance even if they had not eaten for years and just worked. Still others were from minority ethnic groups that were not allowed permission to exit their country. But these young adults who will change the nations, they did not give up and were determined to come to the conference and continued to press on by faith. Satan tried to stop them by rerouting their flights, having them arrive at the wrong airport, and suddenly closing off the road between the conference venue and the airport so that the staff were tied down. There was news that some flights were canceled and so they were not able to leave for the conference. We were wondering if we were able to have the conference at all but we had faith because this is God’s work and if it is God’s will, He will allow it to happen according to His way. The ministers on the field did not give up nor did they fold their hands and say “next time,” because they knew that the conference participants will be receiving the vision of God to change the destiny of the peoples that God loves and will form an alliance with the young adults of the global church in order to give their lives to prepare the way of Jesus’ return. Ultimately, the conference started. When the young adults called by God do not give up and continue on by faith, God allows them to experience the miracle of closed doors opening up.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; (2 Corinthians 4:7-8)

The Lord opened the doors of heaven and anointed the young people who came holding fast to the hope of heaven. In the midst of worship, all pain and scars were healed, fears fled, and God’s vision and heart for the nations were poured out.

One sister who came from S-Land proclaimed, “The Lord has poured in me a heart of compassion for unreached people groups. Now, it does not matter what price I may pay. I want to serve only God’s Kingdom, and my everything – whether I live or die – is for God’s glory.”

A young person from G-Land decided to live for Jesus: “God has given me a true heart of commitment as a disciple of Christ. Through this conference, I now understand what a true disciple means. When the Lord asks me if I can wholly offer my entire life to Him, I can now answer “yes” to Him.”. Like this, many young people committed their lives as missionaries to serve the peoples and nations for their salvation, and promised with desperate hearts to go as missionaries to these nations.

One Arab young person committed joyfully with this confession: “God has convicted my heart, and spoke to me to transform M-Land to be a nation for Jesus. I want to be a Student Missionary to wholeheartedly serve M-Land. I will mobilize others who have the same heart as me, to transform M-Land and go together with them. We are the only hope for M-Nation.”

Also, another young person from E-Land sincerely confessed about rapid world evangelization: “The Lord has given me the heart to be a missionary who will serve the nations. And He spoke to me to entirely use every moment of my life for His gospel.”

The young people of the global Church were challenged by the news of God’s marvelous work in every part of the world, and gave all glory to God who is faithfully working.

One young person from A-Nation confessed, “The testimonies of I-Nation and P-Nation have greatly challenged me. I learned that no matter how difficult the situation and strong the persecution, the Lord uses us in various ways to move the hearts of the people.” Although currently residing in a different country as a refugee, he has been restored in God and has courage in his heart, and wants to now offer his life for God’s Kingdom; and they praised God for giving them such a holy burden.

At the end, the participants proclaimed the vision for each of their nations. As the young people of the world church offered up their faith in obedience, Holy Spirit was with them. They proclaimed that they will return to their respective nations to awaken their churches by sharing God’s vision, and that they will fulfill their calling for world mission. Amen! We believe that the Lord has heard and will surely answer.

I discovered God’s vision through this conference. I will share God’s vision to the Church of I-land. The church of I-land must surely arise. God has given us a calling to serve especially since there are countless refugees from I-land, S-land, and A-people in B-land. Next time, we will return with 100 other people from our country. Maranatha!”
– Vision Proclamation of I-land –

The 2016 International Conference was a historical gathering of young people of the global Church coming together for spiritual alliance for the fulfillment of the last Great Commission to prepare for the return of Jesus. We believe that through them, the gospel will be proclaimed rapidly in all the world, and all ethnic churches will overcome persecution and suffering as a church whom the gates of Hades cannot overcome, and they will bring life to other nations that are in pain and transform all nations in the world. We proclaim by faith that through the young people of the global Church who committed to live for Jesus, the day of the Lord’s return is closer than ever before.