A New Beginning of North America Mission Revival: 2016 North America Mission Camp

Grace Sook Kim, InterCP North America Young Generation Coordinator


The 10th annual Mission Camp was held in Chicago at Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center from July 26th to 29th, 2016. About 1,500 people from all generations and different ethnic backgrounds were in attendance to pray for the mission revival of the Church of North America. There was a great outpouring of grace and many people committed their lives in hope to see their families, schools, workplaces and cities arise with the vision for mission.

Wheaton College was established in 1860 with the school motto being, “For Christ and His Kingdom.” A couple of notable Wheaton graduates are Reverend Billy Graham and Missionary Jim Elliot. And although the surrounding city, Chicago, is considered a spiritually dead city today, it was a place of great revival led by Pastor D.L. Moody in 1850.

In the fall of 2015, when we first began to work with Wheaton College for Mission Camp, we thought that many of the school’s conditions for usage were not fitting for us. Until this year, Mission Camp was always held at local churches, and the possibility of hosting it at a school presented various aspects that were concerning to us. As we continued to think about these concerns, in February of 2016, a couple of our young adult leaders from North America visited Wheaton to meet with the school staff. At this meeting, we shared with the staff the vision of God and all about the great work of revival and the powerful movement of the Gospel that is taking place in the nations. When we shared, some of the Wheaton College staff were touched and were moved to tears and said, “This is what we have been hoping and praying for”, and confessed, “This is truly a work of God and we must do this together”.

As we continued to prepare for Mission Camp, we prayed that Wheaton College would not just be a campus that we rent but truly rise as a partner for mission in these end times. We prayed that, through Mission Camp, explosive mission revival would begin again at Wheaton. All this time, God was faithful in answering our prayers! The five Wheaton College students who attended the camp proclaimed in faith that, every year, 800 students would go on short-term missions or be commissioned as student missionaries from Wheaton. Our hope was that, through Mission Camp, we would be able to invite some of the Wheaton staff to a local Vision School, but we never could have imagined that Vision School would start at Wheaton College itself. We were able to witness God’s work go far beyond our thoughts and plans. Hallelujah! We praise our faithful Lord!

Furthermore, God worked in amazing ways through committed young men and women who prayed and prepared for 2016 Mission Camp. Thirteen young men and women in their twenties traveled all over North America for 50 days prior to Mission Camp. They visited a countless number of churches. In every city and church that they visited, they shared God’s vision through Mission Vision events and invited everyone to Mission Camp. These thirteen young adults are young men and women who have served at least one year as student missionaries in the mission field. Together, they traveled a total of over 20,000 miles by car, and everywhere they went they worshiped, prayed, and proclaimed mission revival over North America.

One of the young adults confessed, “The day before I left for the BTJ Tour across North America, my mom asked me why I had to leave for over a month to mobilize for Mission Camp. She said she would understand if I was leaving on a trip to share the gospel, but couldn’t understand why I had to go to this extent to share God’s vision. Honestly, at first I also didn’t fully understand why I had to give all my strength to invite people to Mission Camp, but as we were traveling I found out that in world mission history, the mission revival of a nation always began with a gathering of committed young men and women of God. The revival of Korea began with the Pyeongyang revival gathering. The revival of America, began through the Student Volunteer Movement. The list continues on… These all started with committed young men and women who went around from place to place proclaiming revival, and when they all gathered together in one place to worship, God began revival in that place.” Amen! In the same way, young men and women from North America ran together looking only towards the new beginning of mission revival. And through this, God gave hope and a promise for the church of North America to these young men and women. The battle belongs to the Lord and He will raise up a holy generation of his faithful remnants in North America.

The week before Mission Camp began, young adults and student staff traveled to the Middle East to serve a conference. Through this conference, they witnessed how quickly the people in the nations are changing. They saw how God was raising up local believers in the nations who were holding onto their faith with all their strength in any circumstance. All of the local young believers and pastors who shared their testimonies declared the same confession, that they will all “die for Jesus.” After seeing their commitment and hearing their confessions, we realized that we must also be a generation that will not only confess that we will live for Christ, but also that we will die for Christ. Witnessing this powerful confession and spirit being poured upon the local churches of the Middle East led us to hope that this same confession would be poured out upon the churches of North America through this Mission Camp.

When we look at world church history and the current condition of the mission field, we can clearly see that the nations who are experiencing revival are rising up with MISSION revival. For there to be revival in North America, we must commission missionaries. And God began this very work at this Mission Camp 2016 in North America. After Mission Camp, about 70 different regions signed up to open English Vision School and over 30 students committed to become student missionaries. We expect and anticipate that God will do even greater things in the future here in North America. All churches and generations of North America will rise up with God’s vision to prepare the way of the Lord’s return. A new wind of revival is blowing in North America. Lord, may you use North America! Raise up your faithful remnants in North America. Maranatha! Amen! Come Lord Jesus, come!