The 3rd Global Alliance Conference to be held in May


1,000 Mission field pastors and world mission leaders come to Korea for the largest “International Pastors’ Mission Conference” in history


At the end of this May, 1,000 pastors including church leaders from the frontier mission field and world mission leaders will gather for the biggest “International Pastors’ Mission Conference” in Korean history.

The 3rd International Global Alliance Conference will be held at InterCP’s Global Leadership Center (BTJ Center for all Nations) from May 20 (Wed) for 2 nights and 3 days, with the topic of Global Alliance and Cooperation for World Mission. There are about 1,000 mission leaders from Korea, the 10/40 Window, and other nations expecting to come sharing strategies and examples of church and missions revival from their nation history. They will also seek mission and cooperation strategies in response to the growing severity of international Islamic movements happening in the 10/40 Window. This conference will not only be a place of unified worship and prayer for revival of the world church but also through the international exchange and fellowship of world church leaders and pastors, this conference will reinforce leadership and international competition among the Korean and world church to accomplish the Great Commission. It seems that this conference will also be a place for the strengthening of spiritual partnership in the world church for the completion of world evangelization among the unreached people groups of the 10/40 window.

In the invitation from InterCP, the non-denominational tent-making missions agency hosting this seminar, the organization states “as the world grows darker, more churches must stand firm in front of the changes of the times, and as the anti-Christ system gains more control of the global system, there is no better time for the faithful world church to rise with the gospel of Christ in spiritual alliance.” The purpose of this gathering is stated as the following;, “…through this purposeful and historic gathering, we hope that in these end times the  Korean church will share God’s holy vision with the world church, and that through the spiritual alliance of the Korean church and world church, we will see the completion of world evangelization.”

The need for unreached people group and frontier missions was actually brought to attention during the 2nd Lausanne Conference held in 1989, and as a  result of the world church’s diligence towards this need, the number of people groups evangelized over the past 20 years exceeded the number of evangelized people groups in all of church history. On the other hand, other movements that undermine the church’s value such as the anti-Christ movement, religious pluralism, same-sex marriage, have intensified over the past 20 years. The reality is that the church is collapsing in the midst of religious pluralism, and Christian activities like evangelism and mission has become the object of criticism by intellectual bodies of the world.

The circumstances of the Korean church are the same with the dilution of the gospel in the name of fulfilling societal obligations, and the “sound gospel” movement, which are in actuality a peace treaty with the intellectual bodies of the world. Consequently since 1988, the Korean church has entered its 20th year of negative growth and is quickly experiencing secularization and decline.

Hereupon InterCP states,, “There are still those genuine believers who remain here and there in the church who only rely on the power of the gospel and believe the world can change,” and  “through the faithful disciples and churches who have the spirit of determination unto death, God’s history will be completed,” and “in these dark times, believers of the eternal gospel must rise, never losing their faith even in the midst of the persecution and hardship of the Roman empire, and with the spirit of the remnant bring together the world church and saints in spiritual alliance.” They request the active participation of those in the Korean church for the Global Alliance movement.

During the past 2nd International Confernece, Pastor Sangbok Kim (Hallelujah Church Senior Pastor, Torch Trinity Seminary President) said, “Now there is no nation who cannot do missions alone. All nations partnering, following their respective callings, and forming partnership-networks is now the only way to complete the task of world evangelization. I hope that the International Global Alliance Conference can continue to be a place for the world church to work together.”

Pastor Youngze Xu (C-nation house church leader) said, “All evangelical churches in the world will unite in strength and power under the mission of fulfilling the revival of God’s kingdom,” expressing his determined will for Global Alliance.

Pastor Susanta Patra (India) said, “Global Alliance is the only way to complete the Great Commission,” and Pastor Yohanna from Egypt, the center of Islamic fundamentalism stated that, , “It’s good that the Korean church wants to work with other nations. I am very moved that we can work with the Korean church and this gives me much joy.” Pastor Thomas from Kashmir, North India (Kashmir Evangelical Alliance representative) shared, “Through Global Alliance Conference, I learned how many churches and diverse generations can be challenged to unite and take the gospel to the ends of the earth. We must preach the gospel. There is nothing more important.”

In 2012, about 20 pastors from 10 nations including the Arab I-nation, Japan, and C-nations gathered and shared vision and strategy about the role of their respective nations in completing world mission. They resolved to continue the wave of spiritual alliance that began at the first Global Alliance Conference, and it seems that more Korean and world churches will join the partnership for world mission..


Reporter Ji-Yeon Park