2014 Staff Conference: From the Melting Pot to the World

2014 Staff Conference: From the Melting Pot to the World

Last month at the2014 Staff Conference, staff from all branches across North America, as well as those who desire to serve this mission movement, gathered and committed as one body to one thing – to partake in the global mission movement to ultimately see His Kingdom come on this earth. And this was by far the best staff conference.

We as staff had previously heard numerous times through vision school, our first FO trips, mission camps, and other various events… that we must have God’s vision and live for God’s kingdom. But at this conference, God brought our understanding of and commitment to that statement to another level.

God not only showed us but also gave us the grace to accept the truth that there is nothing in this world we can live for except for God’s vision. Again, there is NOTHING in this world worth living for. This vision that we’ve been talking about for so long… THIS IS IT! Especially in the times that we’re in, we cannot live for God’s vision unless we carry the cross of Christ Jesus. This is because there are so many things in our busy lives that we are still holding on to. In order for us to truly live for this vision fully, the cross of Jesus must be present in our lives. Meaning, we must die to our selfish desires, ambitions, to the patterns of this world that so enslave us… anything else that is not of God’s kingdom in our lives, we must abandon and die to our everything, so that the gospel of Christ and His vision can be our everything.

Additionally, we had a time of corporate commitment to the mission movement. Having been raised and educated in the western culture, we have been trained to live as individuals, rather than as a community. However, one individual alone cannot accomplish this mission movement. When we try to stand only as an individual, we realize that we can only be weak beings that fall down again and again. That is why we must first acknowledge our weaknesses and the fact that we cannot live for this vision by ourselves. We must let go of everything in the past and look forward together as a body of Christ.

Thus, as we let go of everything we were holding onto that’s not God’s vision and made His vision truly be my vision, something worth investing all my life into, we also committed to one another as a vision-centered community. Together we committed our lives wholly to this mission movement. Now we have faith that we will see a greater mission movement in North America through our service and commitment.

The English Ministry in America began approximately 7~8 years ago with simple prayer gatherings of two to three people, summer FOs, and mini 3-week vision schools and/or vision camps on only a few college campuses. At that time, it really was simple faith, simple obedience, simple love for God, and a simple but genuine desire to see each person rise up with vision for God’s Kingdom in our generation. And probably, none of us had any idea that such simple steps of faith would later impact nations outside of America.

But God has used such simple obedient lovers such as us. Through the English Ministry in America, other nations across the world began to hear and respond to the vision of God’s Kingdom – such as the case of Romania, where an obedient believer with vision from the English Ministry of America began to mobilize and raise up Romanian churches. And one by one, many different nations and churches of ethnic groups are now beginning to rise up as our partners for God’s mission movement.

Today, it has come to the point – that this is now no longer a calling only for Korea or America. God is calling and bringing together all nations to be globally aligned in God’s vision and heart, so that together as a global body of Christ, we can finish the task of the Great Commission in these end times!

Therefore, with this 2014 staff conference as a turning point, we as a generation are now willing to walk in complete surrender and obedience to God’s vision. It is no longer enough to only give our time to serve in weekly meetings, conferences… etc. It is now time for us to pour out 100% of our hearts, our lives, and our everything for His Kingdom, and not turn back to the world. It is now time to commit and push forward together as one body for the global mission movement. And it is my deep prayer for us that our English Ministry in America will be able to join in with the global body of Christ and give our lives fully for this mission movement.


By Katherine Hwang, InterCP Staff