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Spiritual Alliance of the Remnants


When the gospel is preached to all nations Jesus will return and history will be complete (Matt. 24:14). This is why Jesus said “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses to the ends of the Earth.” From this point on, the history of the world has moved forward under one theme: “preaching the gospel to all nations.” In other words, history has raced for the evangelization of all nations. But what we witness today are imminent signs of the end times. In actuality, since the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem in 1948, the world has rapidly raced towards the end and we stand at the end of history.

In 1989, during the 2nd Lausanne Conference, Dr. Ralph Winter presented that among the 24,000 people groups in the world, 11,000 had not yet received the gospel and remained unreached. This raised great awareness for the unreached and frontier mission and the world church began to focus its works on unreached people group mission. This shift in mission resulted in more evangelized nations in the past 20 years than in all of protestant mission history combined. It can even be said that the number of evangelized nations since the Pentecost is similar to the number of nations evangelized in the past 20 years. Post 2nd Lausanne Conference was an explosion of God’s history moving forward. Recently, many statistics regarding the unreached are suggested. But statistics that humans have made cannot be perfect and it can easily change depending on the perspective and definition of the unreached. The trend of rapid evangelization is very clear: the gospel of the kingdom is rapidly racing to the nations. In the past 20 years, the unreached people group movement, adopt a people group movement, 10/40 window mission movement, frontier mission movement, and tent-making mission movement all were powerful kingdom movements that sped up the completion of the Great Commission.

As the gospel is preached to all nations, history will come to an end, which also means the eternal destruction of Satan. This is why, right when the evangelization of all nations is coming to completion, Satan will establish a global system of resistance. This will be the anti-Christ world system. Right after Jesus tells us in Matt. 24:14 that the end will come when the gospel is preached to all nations, in verse 15 he immediately says, “So when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place, let the reader understand.” We are in this flow of transition in the current era.

In the recent decade it is also evident that the anti-Christian movement is publicly and globally expanding. Among the nations that receive missionaries, as well as those who send missionaries, many are hostile towards Christianity. Along with the world church, the Korean church presents excuses such as “dangerous areas,” “mission methodology,” and “unification” to raise hostility towards frontier-pioneering mission work. Not only in Islamic nations, but also in the Western nations, there is strict prohibition of evangelism and mission for the sake of peace among different religions.

Furthermore, in America and European nations, homosexual marriage is becoming legalized , bringing a strong and public challenge to Christian values. The world government’s excuse of legalization of homosexual marriage is for  human rights of minorities. The core concept of human rights is the protection of children, women, and the disabled. In this current age, the values of human rights is far above the traditional values of religion that the world has followed. The hierarchy of values has changed, and an unlawful New World Order is actively being established. Lawlessness will increase (Matt 24:12).

In this spiritual atmosphere of the world there must be a strengthening in the spiritual alliance of faithful evangelical churches and believers who are committed to world mission. Through this alliance, we must overcome the anti-Christian movement and the anti-Christ system to serve the completion of God’s history. Through those who are pure and those who are not of the world, God will complete His history that He began at the Pentecost. Being loyal till death, only for our Lord and the gospel (Mark 10:29)

The word of Jesus, that history will come to an end when the gospel is preached to all nations, is an absolute prophecy of Jesus and must be fulfilled. This is the reality of history: Jesus fulfilled history through the cross and 12 disciples were martyred preaching the gospel. We must boldly commit to the history of God with the eternal gospel.

When the persecution of Rome was imminent two thousand years ago, Apostle Paul mentioned the “remnants” (Romans 11). When there is persecution, apostates increase and forces trying to break up and destroy the church start to strive. Paul was reminding people of the time of Elijah in the Old Testament when he was talking about the remnants. Elijah cried out to God when the church of Israel was destroyed and prophets that stood up were being killed: “God, I am the only one left!” What God said was “seven thousand remnants.” God will move history through the seven thousand remnants.

In Romans 11, Paul is stating that amidst the persecution of the Roman Empire, God will make history with those with the spirit of the remnant, just like how He restarted history with the seven thousand remnants during the time of Elijah.

This ‘remnant’ theology is still valid. In the end times God will make history with believers and churches that have the spirit of the remnant.

During the end times, faithful believers and churches that are willing to commit their lives to complete the Great Commission must rise up with the spirit of the remnant. We must form a spiritual alliance and fulfill the history by overcoming evil. God will work powerfully through those with the spirit of the remnant, as he gave us the authority of heaven which overcomes the powers of darkness. We will be singing the song of Moses, the song of victory, as we march forward (Rev 15:1-4). We will finally see the eternal glory of God. Hallelujah! Come Lord Jesus, Come! Maranatha!

Today, world mission is entering the end times paradigm based on frontier mission. 95% of the frontier nations are Islamic nations or people groups. Considering this fact, it is not easy for the Western church or the Korean church to take on this task alone. Therefore, for end time mission, not only the Western church, but the non-Western church has to proactively take leadership. Not only the Korean church, Chinese church, Indian church, Japanese church, Pakistani church, Kenyan church, Nigerian church, Brazilian church, and Russian church, but the churches of the mission field, such as Egypt, Syria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongol, and Turkey, must rise up together. The role of nations that have revival, such as China, India, and Brazil, is especially important. Let’s all rise up during these end times and pray for the spiritual global alliance of the world church that has the spirit of the remnant.

By Missionary Paul Choi