A Thread on Fasting

An email thread that was exchanged today between the team leaders.  We’re sharing this with you in hopes that it would encourage you to fast with us!

(Aside from our actual names, these emails are unedited: unplugged)

Email from EC at 2:48 pm:

so, here’s the funny thing.

Now that I recall I do remember hearing about some kind of fasting for the staff and leaders. but it never processed into my brain to remember or even think of participating. But last night as I was going to sleep, in my bed… I had a very strong sense that I needed to fast.. a Daniel fast. It was really random for me cuz I didnt even have the thought of it.  then some lines popped in my head as i was dozing into slumberland: seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.  then another popped up: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed ‘renewing’ your ‘mind’ then you will ‘know’ the will of God, his good pleasing perfect will

then i fell asleep.

next morning i read through the internet and saw GK’s post of fasting..thats when I was like “omg!! i rememberrrrrrr” and decided to fast: “communication” LOL thats right, goodbye cellphone, facebook, youtube, gchat etc etc etc for the next 2 weeks and have my own service at home three times a day instead, and HELLLOOO Veggiessss~ hahahaha

But, for the sake of work, I’m leaving my email open.

Reply from GK at 3:31 pm:

kkkkkkk^^ God is telling all of us to FAST

We NEED TO!!!!^^

Reply from CK at 6:43 pm:


It’s SOOOO FUNNY how God does that.

So here’s the thing:

I didn’t even know staff was doing a fast because I had to leave early from the c-call. Two nights ago, I was driving down from UW campus and had said no to an offer for dinner because I had NO appetite to eat. It was then I realized that for the past 3 months, God had been teaching me how to have a fasted lifestyle and was downloading it into my spirit. I would have waves where I desired NO food and if I smelled food I would get nauseous. I just wanted to pray pray pray and be in God’s presence. In my car,  I had a STRONG URGE and an almost OBSESSIVE desire to want to fast. As I was asking God how I should fast, I said outloud “DANIEL FAST!!”

So I thought I was the only one that was going to do daniel fast. The next morning I was talking with SK on GCHAT and she randomly asks me, “are you fasting?” And I was like…. “Why are you asking me…?”  She says, “GK had a dream that we were daniel fasting”. LOL. That’s how I found out.

THANK THE LORD that He is calling us to fast and we’ve all responded in such a way. If He is the one to call us to fast, we will be victorious through His Grace.

Reply from GK at 8:03 pm:


I think SK this should somehow be blogged, maybe it will encourage more ppl to fast with us^^

And so here we are.  We invite you to fast with us as we dare not move forward unless His Spirit goes before us.


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